Jesus Culture

CRT - Good or Evil?

July 1, 2021

CRT or Critical Race Theory has been a controversial topic in our country, and while there are definitely problems in relation to CRT, is it as evil as the critics want us to believe? Much of the information on social media and the media is, unfortunately, sensationalistic and often misinformed. What is CRT? What are the problems with CRT? Is there anything we can learn from CRT? Even theologian John Calvin wrote in regard to 'Profane' authors..."

“Therefore, in reading profane authors, the admirable light of truth displayed in them should remind us, that the human mind, however much fallen and perverted from its original integrity, is still adorned and invested with admirable gifts from its Creator. If we reflect that the Spirit of God is the only fountain of truth, we will be careful, as we would avoid offering insult to him, not to reject or condemn truth wherever it appears. In despising the gifts, we insult the Giver.”

And if CRT is proven to be the 'Boogey-Man' as many think it is, does it give us a pass on our role to defeat certain injustices that still cripple our country and hurt many of our brothers and sisters in Christ?

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